La Vinyeta Cellar

Visit La Vinyeta and discover an authentic winery from the Empordà. Come and live a unique experience. Open the eyes. Let yourself be captivated for a wild landscape. Listen the tramontana sound, the Mediterranean wind that slip in the vineyards. Taste the wines and olive oils from La Vinyeta, this is the scarce fruit of a lean soil, Mollet de Peralada. Let your senses free along with tenacious people engaged with this spot from the Empordà region.

Another story…
wines with their own discourse

La Vinyeta is a small vineyard and olive farm situated at the heart of the Empordà, in Mollet de Peralada. It is a young, family company that is the fruit of effort and ambition. The origin of this project dates back to 2002, when two old Carignan and Grenache vineyards – aged between 50 and 75 years – were purchased. From that moment on, more and more vines were planted, up to the present 30 hectares. The project was consolidated in 2006 with the construction of the winery and the making of the first wines. In 2009, La Vinyeta became one of the first wineries to adopt Integrated Production, an environment-friendly cultivation system.

This is the context in which the wines of La Vinyeta are born. The basic line of wines – Heus, Llavors and Punt i Apart – is structured as if they were fragments of a story, words that are part of the same story. “Heus aquí una vegada…” “Once upon a time…” – in the same way that all stories start, this is how the Heus are presented – white, rosé and red – the freshest and most free-and-easy wines. After six months in oak casks comes the Llavors (“then”), which represents evolution. And lastly, but not finally, with 13 months in oak casks we have Punt i Apart (“new paragraph”), the flagship of La Vinyeta. Discover what lies behind each of them.

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