Empordàlia Cellar

Empordàlia combines past and present

Empordàlia is located in the Empordà, the Catalan district with the most marked historical and cultural personality. It combines past and present with its finest offerings: the fruits of the olive tree and the vine. Empordàlia is the living chronicle of ancient cellars that bring together in every bottle history and quality under the label of the Designation of Origin Empordà. We work an area of land that is on a human scale: 500 hectares of centuries-old olive trees and 250 hectares of old and new vines, set in the heart of a rocky landscape swept by the tramuntana wind, watered by occasional but generous rainfalls and spiced by the salt air of the sea. We receive the first sun that touches the Peninsula every morning and we get up when it is still dark.

Sinols wines: The force of the elements

The mother lode of the Cap de Creus headland, the steep slopes of the Verdera hills, the battering and howling of the north wind, jagged crests against a red sky. And beneath them, the vine, the mother of wine.

Sinols is born out of the constant effort of farmers who work rugged lands of licorella and sauló earth and alluvial soils on the plain. Empordàlia strives to extract the finest wine from each grape variety. Sinols wines capture in liquid form the spirit of all principles, humanises them and transfers them to the wine glass. On tasting it, the senses confirm that the wine keeps its soul alive. This is the true reward: being able to arouse expectation and pleasure.

Empordàlia is located between four cardinal points that contain three nature parks: an exceptional setting that demands our fullest respect.

Oli de pau: flavour, body and personality

Empordàlia’s Oli de Pau is an extra virgin olive oil made exclusively from olives from centuries-old trees of the Empordà. These trees are of two varieties that are only found here, Argudell and Corivell, and along with the characteristic climatic feature of the Empordà, the tramuntana wind, they give the fruit a special character.

At Empordàlia, being well aware that one of the key factors for achieving the flavour, body and defining personality of our Oli de Pau is the production process, we combine traditional methods, with 50 years of experience in this field, with the latest technologies used in the trade – and this combination has made Oli de Pau one of the most highly regarded of extra virgin olive oils.


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