Girona Walking Tour

The province of Girona lies in the northeast of Spain, bordering France and the Catalan provinces of Barcelona and Lleida. The most striking characteristic about this historic area of north Catalunya is undoubtedly its great diversity - internationally acclaimed beaches, spectacular mountains at the eastern tip of the Pyrenees, a rugged rocky coastline reaching up to the French border, and the green rolling hills of rural Gerona. This bounty of rural and coastal treasures, together with the mild climate that it enjoys, makes Girona a popular destination for visitors throughout the year.

The ancient walled city of Girona stands on a fortress-like hill, high above the confluence of the Onyar and Ter rivers. As the provincial capital it has a long and distinguished history. Founded by Iberians, the Romans later named it Gerunda and established it as an important stopping point on the Via Augusta, linking Iberia with Rome. The huge 15th century cathedral, boasting the widest unsupported gothic arch in the world, dominates the skyline, yet much of the city's attraction lies in exploring the mediaeval streets, especially around the charming Jewish quarter.

This extensive visit (more than two hours) will show you the most important monuments of Girona, its history, its Jewish heritage and also its Legends.

Our guides are local guides who know all the secrets of the city.

Price: 25€/person

Special price for groups.

Meeting Point: Plaça Sant Feliu, beside The River Caffe, Girona City at 10:30am.

If you want a longer tour, with entrance fees included to major momuments, the Cathedral, the Arab Baths and the Jewish History Museum, contact us and we will arrange it four you.


Private tour:
160€ Total

Small-group tour:

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-St Feliu Church

-Cul de la Lleona

-St Lluc Church

-Arabian Baths

-Sobreportes wall door


-Archaeological promenade gardens

-St Domènech and University

-St Martí s'Acosta Church

-Gothic palaces of Ciutadans street

-Streets of the Jewish quarter: La Força Vella, Cúndaro, St Llorenç...

-The Synagogue

-Museum of Jewish History

-La Rambla and the bridges over the Onyar river


About Girona Experience

Girona Experience is a company specialized in the organization of tailored tours to discover some of the most magical corners of Girona, we organise all our trips in a luxurious 7 seats van. Free transport.

We invite you to discover and experience some of the most  charming sights in this province yet to be fully discovered.
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