Banyoles, Besalú and volcanic zone

We will begin our visit with the spectacular medieval village of Besalú. The old bridge over the river Fluvià transports us to far-off times of Romanesque style with seven arches of angulation has about 105 m long and 30 m in height with included Tower and speaks of the importance of the villa in medieval times.
The villa has unique jewish heritage in Catalonia. The Jewish baths, Miqvé, largest in Europe and remains of an ancient synagogue of the XIII century.

Then, we will visit the town of Castellfollit de la Roca with the profile of the Church and terraced houses on the top of the cliff, next to the precipice, it has become one of the most photographed and painted in Catalonia; it is also a magnificent natural viewpoint from which you can see the valleys of two rivers, the Fluvià and the Toronell.

If the weather is good, we will make a stop, a small 30-minute walk to visit the Romanesque hermitage of Santa Margarida, located inside the crater of the volcano of the same name. We will enjoy this incredible location of the hermitage and the beauty of the landscape that surrounds it.

We will continue to the village of Santa Pau, which in addition to a typically medieval aspect (with walls, irregular streets and evocative corners), drawn in the first half of the 14th century, has remarkable value buildings, the main virtues of the enclosure are the dominant austerity and the practical and functional nature that reveal the stones. The village of Santa Pau was declared of historic and artistic interest in 1971.
The main produce of this town are the Santa Pau beans grown in the volcanic soil near this town for many years only for self-consumption and today they are very appreciated by the fineness of there flavor.

To finish we will go to the Lake of Banyoles that represents the largest mass of continental waters in Catalonia, with a great landscape value and a sign of the Catalan collective identity. It is the second largest natural lake in the Iberian peninsula and its origin is tectonic and karst. We will learn the legends that surround it, walking around the lake.


Private tour:
495€ Total

Small-group tour:

Shares Banyoles, Besalú and volcanic zone


-09:00 Departure from Girona city (Hotel)

-09:35 Arrival in Besalú and visit

-10:35 Departure from Besalú

-10:55 Arrival in Castellfollit de la Roca and visit

-11:45 Departure from Castellfollit de la Roca

-12:25 Walk to visit the volcano and Hermitage of Santa Margarida.

-13:15 Arrival in Santa Pau, visit and time to have lunch*.

-15:30 Departure to Banyoles.

-16:10 Arrival in Banyoles Lake, walk around the lake with ecològic boat if it's possible.

-16:45 Departure from Banyoles

-17:00 Arrival to Girona city (Hotel)

 *lunch is not included in the price of the tour


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