Girona Flower Time 2021

22/04/2014 en News

From 10 to 18 May, will visit 145 flowers spaces, divided into 82 yards, 54 monuments and gardens 9

The 59th edition of Girona Flower Time to revisit allow spaces as emblematic as the Shepherds House, a project that will host an exhibition of floral art, contemporary or basement of the Cathedral, which reopened to the public after the excavations in 2001 and 2014 with four floral projects. These are two of 145 characters (82 yards, 54 monuments and gardens 9) which can be visited from 10 to 18 May and will house a total of 185 projects flowers. The exhibition will be open daily from 10 to 21 there, as is tradition still will have a special closing hours for three days: Saturday 10 and 17 May and Wednesday 14 May, days when spaces will close at midnight. The show this year will have a special emotional charge because it will be the first live without its founder, Mary Cobarsí who died last summer. Due to this fact, most floral projects this year and remember the figure used to pay him homage. "It is an event which lasts ten days and talk about all year," he remarked the mayor of Girona, Carles Puigdemont to emphasize the importance of screening for exposure Floral City. In this sense, the mayor stressed the commitment, "both the City and the entire city," Time for Flowers. "It is a time when people open the doors of his house in Girona and Girona which can take a new look at the city itself, in which the city everyday is special. Through all this, the visitor Girona approaches these days also feels a special way and that is the magic of the city to Flower Time, "he added. During the presentation of the exhibition, the Councillor for Tourism and Trade, Coral brother, has a short review of this new exhibition space in 2014, including the steps of St. Lawrence, the Palace Caramany the tank Gironella Tower, the office of Mary Cobarsí the square of the Jury, the roof of Arab Baths, the castle portal Sobreportes or three projects that there will be Onyar, "both of which play with facades of the river, as the House Maso." Also of note is that the four roundabouts decorated "welcomes visitors arriving in Gerona Road", as brother said. culture will play a prominent role in the show this year. The sixty concerts will be offered, including the third edition of Girona A Cappella Festival, concerts of choral cycles and schools of music and activities to celebrate the European Day of the Opera, or drawings and Urban Sketchers initiative Girona, words and flowers complete bid proposals during the exhibition floral. This year, in addition, there is a new attraction for cultural and heritage tour to Girona Flower Time: the discovery of the ritual bath or micvé of the city, used by the Jewish population in 1435 to its expulsion, which can be visited at Bonastruc Center Gate. Another new feature is an attractive proposition in 2014 that combines culture and commerce. This is the initiative "A museum to showcase" approach and consists of six heritage museums through the exhibition of twelve works of art showcases twelve of twelve shops in the center of Girona. In addition to this action, the commercial sector and the hospitality of Girona again be involved in this year's show and will offer a new edition of # Gastroflors Blossoms Night and the Night of Flowers and Flavours Lion Market . This year, more shops will open on May 11, according to the rules of trade openness recently approved by the Government of Catalonia.



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