Girona Història i Llegendes 15:00 h

Girona, the City of the 4 Rivers, with close to 100,000 inhabitants, is a city of human dimensions with the offer of the big cities, but without the crowds that these bring. Its geographical position makes it suitable for tourist visits at any time of the year. Close to the great city of Barcelona, ​​from which it is 100 km away, also close to the French border, the Costa Brava and the Pyrenees, well connected by road, rail and with the airport located 16 km from the center, conducive to enjoying from the city to all stations.

On the tour we propose you will be able to learn about both its history and the legends of the city.

We will take you on a journey through time, from the foundation of the city, along the Via Augusta and the Walls, we will reach the Roman and Carolingian eras to Medieval Girona, we will enjoy the great splendor of the city in those years, reflected in the exquisite Romanesque monasteries, the Arab Baths, the great Gothic Palaces and above all the Cathedral.

In the historic center of the city, around the Cathedral, we will find the important Jewish trace that still remains in Girona. The aljama (Jewish community) was one of the most important in Spain and the center of Kabbalah. The Jewish quarter "El Call" extends through a maze of porticoed alleys and cobbled streets that have been preserved intact since 1492, the year of the expulsion of the Jews to the peninsula.

The Jewish presence in the city dates back to the 9th century and they managed to make their community important thanks to the merchants, doctors, notaries... who made it up and such notorious characters as Moses Ben Nahman (great master of the Kabbalah, also known by Nahmanides, Ramabán or Bonastruc ça Porta).

The Jewish community came to be a tenth of the city's population.

Going down Carrer de la Força we will leave the Call behind, pass by the Modernist style house where Rafael Masó was born and arrive at the Rambla to see the bridges over the Onyar River. We will explain the most important ones, Pont de Pedra, Pont Eiffel and Pont de la Princessa, ending the visit here. 

The price of the tour is €25 per person.

Special prices for larger groups.

Time: Every day at 3pm

We work with small groups, or Private visits. Ask for special price for groups.

The price does not include tickets to the city's monuments, if you are interested in a more extensive visit with tickets included to The Cathedral, The Arab Baths and the Museum of Jewish History, contact us and we will make a tailor-made visit for you.

-Minimum 2 people. The duration of the tour is usually between 2.30/3 hours.
-Meeting point: Plaça Sant Feliu, next to The River Cafeteria at 3pm

-Includes: Guide-Companion and insurance.


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Comparteix Girona Història i Llegendes 15:00 h


- Church of Sant Feliu

-The Ass of the Lioness

-Church of Sant Lluc (headquarters of the Manaies)

-Arab baths

- Portal of Overpasses

- Cathedral

- Gardens of the Archaeological Promenade

-The Wall

-Façade of St Domènec

- Rectory and University of les Áligues

- Church of Sant Martí is coming

-Palace of the Agullanas

-Streets of La Força Vella, Cúndaro, Sant Llorens...

-Situation of the Synagogue over time

-Museum of Jewish History, (Isaac the Blind)

-La Rambla and the Bridges over the Onyar River


*The order of the itinerary will depend on the departure point of the tour. 

Sobre Girona Experience

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